I have an array of columns:

var columns=["title","length","status"]; 

Here is my code:

    function executeSearch(query)
        var url = ajaxPath+ "?s=search&r="+resource+"&q="+query;
        $.getJSON(url, function(data){          
            var html = '<table class="table table-hover">';
            html += '<thead><tr>';
                html +='<td>'+value+'</td>';
            html += '</tr></thead>';
            html += '<tbody>';          
                html += '<tr>';
                    for(var propt in itm){
                        if (columns.hasOwnProperty(propt)) {
                            html += '<td>'+itm[propt]+'</td>';
                html += '</tr>';
            html += '</tbody>';
            html += '</table>';

I'm trying to get the data based on the columns. I'm using columns.hasOwnProperty.

It doesn't seem to be working correctly.

Is there a jquery method for handling this?

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columns in your example is an array, you should use indexOf to figure out if the column is in the array.

// check if the propt is in the array (-1 means not found)
if (coulmns.indexOf(propt) !== -1) {

However, in the case you are looking at you should probably be iterating over the columns array instead of the items property. You are building a table, and you want the columns to be in the order you specified...

Instead of $(item).each() you should $.each(columns, function(index, propt) { and build your table using item[propt]

  • Thanks. This worked, however I think i need to iterate over each tr item and apply the columns to each td. Regardless, it worked fine. thanks – jkushner Feb 8 '15 at 16:13

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