Description of the program : The program must read in a variable amount of words until a sentinel value is specified ("#" in this case). It stores the words in a vector array.

Problem : I use a getline to read in the string and parse the string with a stringstream. My problem is that the stringstream is not swallowing the new line character at the end of each line and is instead extracting it.

Some solutions I have thought of is to cut off the last character by creating a subset or checking if the next extracted word is a new line character, but I feel there is a better cost efficient solution such as changing the conditions for my loops.

I have included a minimized version of the overall code that reproduces the problem.

#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main()
   const int MAX_LIST_SIZE = 1000;
   string str;
   string list[MAX_LIST_SIZE];
   int numWords = 0;

   // program starts here
   getline(cin, str);          // read innput
   stringstream parse(str);    // use stringstream to parse input

   while(str != "#")           // read in until sentinel value
       while(!parse.fail())    // until all words are extracted from the line    
           parse >> list[numWords];    // store words
       getline(cin,str);      // get next line

   // print number of words
   cout << "Number of words : " << numWords << endl;

And a set of test input data that will produce the problem


apples oranges mangos
pineapples strawberries


Number of words : 9

Expected Output:

Number of words : 6

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to deal with this problem in an efficient manner.


Your logic for parsing out the stream isn't quite correct. fail() only becomes true after a >> operation fails, so you'll doing an extra increment each time. For example:

       parse >> list[numWords];    // fails
       numWords++;                 // increment numWords anyway
   }                           // THEN check !fail(), but we incremented already!

All of these operations have returns that you should check as you go to avoid this problem:

while (getline(cin, str)) { // fails if no more lines in cin
    if (str != "#") {       // doesn't need to be a while
        stringstream parse(str);
        while (parse >> list[numWords]) { // fails if no more words
            ++numWords;                   // *only* increment if we got one!

Even better would be to not use an array at all for the list of words:

std::vector<std::string> words;

Which can be used in the inner loop:

std::string temp;
while (parse >> temp) {

The increment on numwords happens one more time than you intend at the end of each line. Use a std::vector< std::string > for your list. Then you can use list.size().

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