I am using

Adminer 4.1.0 in Wordpress Plugin

OS is Ubuntu

Webserver is Nginx

The day before yesterday, my adminer is working properly. But yesterday i cannot login because it's returning an error message:

Session expired, please login again.

I searched google but i couldn't find any solution. Please help. What should i check? Thank you.


This may also occur when there is no disc space available

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I also had this problem, plus when I did login and tried to change anything it threw an Invalid CSRF token error. Got the solution from this thread;


I edited adminer and explicitly added in the session save path for the server;

ini_set('session.save_path',  '/tmp/');
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Old question, but answering for others with same problem who end up here.

Make sure nginx has write permissions to the php session storage directory. Just had to do this on my CentOS box because a php upgrade set the session storage root:apache and changing it to root:nginx did the trick.

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I'm not really sure, but I guess you get the session expired message when trying to login to your wp-admin?

Also I'm not familiar with Adminer, but you are using it as a Wordpress plugin, so you can easily deactivate it, if you have FTP access.

Go to 'wp-content/plugins/' and locate the Adminer directory. Rename it, for example add '-old' to the directory name. This will disable the plugin, and you should have access to your wp-admin again.

For a real solution, I recommend you contact the Adminer devs.

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