Is there a method to signal a breakpoint in Java like System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break() in C#?


yes I wanted something like this, so I implemented a pretty simple solution from my C days. This may be useful if you want a lightweight answer.

  public class DebugHelper

       public static breakHere()
            int i = 0;  //  Set breakpoint on this line in your IDE

To use this method. Put a breakpoint in your code on the "int i = 0;" line. And call that method in the code you are debugging. It is a quick answer to getting some dynamic debugging and faster than a watch on a variable.

Example ...

 private something(...)
       for( ... )
          if( null == value ) DebugHelper.breakHere();

Of course in C, you can put the right ASM breakpoint instruction ;-) This works fine for me on the rare occasions I want something like this.


Not really. But I assume it can be implemented by accessing the debugging interface through an interface and set the breakpoint to the current class where the Break() function is implemented. Interesting question though.

  • Nope, but there should be some documentation for this interface in the JDK. – Daniel Aug 31 '12 at 9:12

How about throwing and catching a specific Exception for this purpose and creating an Exception breakpoint in your IDE ?

  • 2
    The call in C# offers to attach a debugger or IDE. Having an exception breakpoint would require the IDE to already be attached, wouldn't it? – Dave Cameron Aug 30 '12 at 17:20

Usually break points are a feature offered by the IDE being used itself. Maybe you could take a look at the Java Platform Debugger Architecture.

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