I have a UTF-8 encoded xml file, which was exported from a Wordpress MySQL database.

While the file is saved as UTF-8, and the encoding is UTF-8, I get gibberish instead of the Hebrew text that is supposed to be in there, which looks like this:


How can I find the original encoding or charset and convert the text into proper Hebrew?

PHP's mb_detect_encoding($str); returns UTF-8

Tried all sorts of php encoding functions, with different settings and input/output charsets, but they all just print different looking gibberish blocks, like:



�� ×שמ×

...Any Ideas how to go about this?

function convert($str) {
    $hebrew = array("א", "ב", "ג", "ד", "ה", "ו", "ז", "ח", "ט", "י", "כ", "ל", "מ", "נ", "ס", "ע", "פ", "צ", "ק", "ר", "ש", "ת", "ך", "ם", "ן", "ף", "ץ");
    $gibberish = array("à", "á", "â", "ã", "ä", "å", "æ", "ç", "è", "é", "ë", "ì", "î", "ð", "ñ", "ò", "ô", "ö", "÷", "ø", "ù", "ú", "ê", "í", "ï", "ó", "õ");
    return str_replace($gibberish, $hebrew, $str);

$hebrew_string = convert(utf8_encode($gibberish_string));

In case you have access to the database, you can fix it easily by exporting it as latin1 and importing as UTF8. As it has been suggested here.


This is very similar to this question.

From what I could see, this is a mangled Unicode string, where each unicode character got encoded as two unicode characters.

The code I came up with simply discarded the empty high-order byte and reconstructed the original byte array from that. The code is only an example and is very simplistic in approach, but should help you get there.


take a look at your php file, maybe it isn't utf-8 and thats the reason why your xml query returns this unwanted string.

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