I have several directories in one main directory. All I want to do is use php to echo a random directory from this list of directories every time the page refreshes.

I have been working with the following code but with no success:

$base_dir = 'images/';
function get_random_dir($base_dir)
        $dirs = glob(sprintf($base_dir),GLOB_ONLYDIR);
        return empty($dirs) ? null : $dirs[array_rand($dirs)];
echo get_random_dir($dirs);

At the moment this returns nothing. If anyone could help me out that would be great, thank you.

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$base_dir = "images/";
function get_random_dir($base_dir) {
    $dirs = scandir($base_dir);
    return empty($dirs)?null:$dirs[rand(2,count($dirs)-1)];

This should work. The rand starts from 2 because 0 is . and 1 is ..

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