Would it be possible to have a function that allows any enum where the rawValue is of a certain type? For example, any enum that has a string rawValue.


This can be done using generics and the "where" keyword

enum EnumString: String {
    case A = "test"

func printEnum<T: RawRepresentable where T.RawValue == String>(arg: T) {
printEnum(EnumString.A) //Prints "test"

You can declare a generic that conforms to the type RawRepresentable, which is a protocol that all enums declaring a primitive rawValue conform to.

enum EnumA: Int {
    case A = 0

enum EnumB {
    case A

func doGenericSomething<T: RawRepresentable>(arg: T) {

doGenericSomething(EnumA.A) //OK
doGenericSomething(EnumB.A) //Error! Does not conform to protocol RawRepresentable

You cannot, however, specify an enum's rawValue type in a generic. For information you can see the post here.

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