I am getting an issue for running the following aggregate query:

db.snippets.aggregate([ { '$project': { month: { '$month': '$created_at' }} } ])

The error message for the same is:

assert: command failed: {
        "errmsg" : "exception: can't convert from BSON type EOO to Date",
        "code" : 16006,
        "ok" : 0 } : aggregate failed

How do i get around this issue. I found a related question

Related Stack Overflow question

But it doesnt tell how to get things done.


You likely have one or more docs with a created_at value that's not a BSON Date and you'll need to fix that by converting those values to Date or removing them.

You can find those docs with a $not query that uses the $type operator like:

db.snippets.find({created_at: {$not: {$type: 9}}})

If the created_at values are date strings, you can find the docs that need updating and then update them in the shell using code like:

db.snippets.find({created_at: {$not: {$type: 9}}}).forEach(function(doc) {
    // Convert created_at to a Date 
    doc.created_at = new Date(doc.created_at);
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    You made my day man. I was stuck because of this for quite some time. – jsbisht Feb 9 '15 at 18:38
  • @JohnnyHK Wouldn't this query just find the docs that don't have a BSON date? How can I find and update all the non-BSON dates? – user137717 May 8 '15 at 0:03
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    @user137717 extrapolate .find(conditions) into .update(conditions, update) – bloudermilk May 17 '15 at 2:45
  • @user137717 See updated answer. – JohnnyHK Jun 15 '15 at 16:29
  • @JohnnyHK Thank You. You made my day. – rahulroy9202 May 16 '16 at 7:56

In some situations, some documents are supposed to have empty Date fields. In those cases, you could try this (using your example):

db.snippets.aggregate([ { '$project': { month:  
 { $cond: [{ $ifNull: ['$created_at', 0] }, { $month: '$created_at' }, -1] }} } ])

In this example, we would get -1 in the cases whenever no field '$created_at' is found. For all the other cases, we would get the Date month.


I had a related issue, but in my case the Date fields were the members of an array, so the error was "can't convert BSON type Object to Date".

I needed to get the day of week from the dates in the possibleTripDateTimes array.

Sample document:

"possibleTripDateTimes" : [
        "tripDateTime" : ISODate("2015-08-01T06:00:00.000-0700")

The fix was simply to use dot notation to address the array member fields.

       $project: {
         departTime: {
           $map: {
             input: "$possibleTripDateTimes.tripDateTime",
             as: "dateTime",
             in: { $dayOfWeek: "$$dateTime" }

I hope this helps someone who also gets zero search results on the "BSON type Object" search

  • Ahh!! This is so cool. You saved me a lot of stupid searching hours! Thanks man :) – Uzumaki Naruto May 1 '17 at 14:14

try this one, its help for me above problem.

'$project': {
    month: { $substr: ["$created_at", 5, 2] }

above code get month wise

data is entered into the database in ISO format which can then be easily worked with.


I had a similar problem, and solved it checking if the date existed.

{$project:{day:  { $cond: ["$bd", { $dayOfMonth: "$bd" }, -1] },
           month:  { $cond: ["$bd", { $month: "$bd" }, -1] },
           year:  { $cond: ["$bd", { $year: "$bd" }, -1] }
{$match:{"month":1, "day":15}}

My date field is bd and with that match I'm getting all users that have their birthday on January 15th.


I had the same problem, I figured that the date field is missing for some of the documents causing the conversion to fail. I just added a match clause to filter these out. But ofcourse i am investigating on my app side why they are not being populated.

    '$match': {
      'created_at': {
        "$exists": true
    '$project': {
      month: {
        '$month': '$created_at'

This error can also appear if you have incorrectly named your properties in your aggregation relative to what they are in your database.

For example my code was

$group: {
        _id: {$week: "$projects.timeStamp"},
        total: { $sum: "$projects.hours"  }

But I hadn't camelcased timestamp in my database so simply modifying to projects.timestamp fixed it.


First, you need to check whether the data type is in ISODate. IF not you can change the data type as the following example.

db.collectionName.find().forEach(function(each_object_from_collection){each_object_from_collection.your_date_field=new ISODate(each_object_from_collection.your_date_field);db.collectionName.save(each_object_from_collection);})

Now you can find it in two ways

db.collectionName.find({ $expr: {$eq: [{ $year: "$your_date_field" }, 2017]}});

Or by aggregation

db.collectionName.aggregate([{$project: {field1_you_need_in_result: 1,field12_you_need_in_result: 1,your_year_variable: {$year: '$your_date_field'}, your_month_variable: {$month: '$your_date_field'}}},{$match: {your_year_variable:2017, your_month_variable: 3}}])

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