I'm looking for a way to get the current step in my jQuery Steps wizard. I would like to perform an action if the current step is step 1.

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This will return the current step index as an integer.


This step index is zero-based.

So, to perform an action on the first step (what I assume you mean by "step 1"), you would do:

if ( $("#wizard").steps("getCurrentIndex") == 0 ) {

Ref: https://github.com/rstaib/jquery-steps/wiki/Methods


There are onStepChanging and onStepChanged events which have currentIndex parameter. You can place your action inside the function for handling any of these events.


The answer can be found in the example code found in the download at:


Here's the snippet I found useful:

            // Example 1: Basic wizard with validation
            $( "#example-1" ).wizard({
                submit: ".submit",
                beforeForward: function( event, state ) {

                    if ( state.stepIndex === 1 ) {

                    } else if ( state.stepIndex === 2 ) {
                    return $( this ).wizard( "form" ).valid();
            }).wizard( "form" ).submit(function( event ) {
                alert( "Form submitted!" );

            }).validate( validate );
  • is not detecting the event, any ideas? May 30, 2019 at 21:43

I use this code to disabled step 1 and 2 if the current step is 3, add this code to jquery.steps.js

$.fn.steps.done = function () {
  var wizard = this,
  options = getOptions(this),
  state = getState(this);

  if(state.currentIndex == 2){
      for (i = 0; i < 2; i++) {
        var stepAnchor = getStepAnchor(wizard, i);

and add this to your html


For SmartWizard 3.3.1, the selected step always has a class='selected'. Thus using that class, you can manipulate based on what you want to do.


for old version.

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