I am using Wso2 API manager 1.8 . I have created one API http://example.com:8280/api/test/v1/user/{userId}/content.json , Here userID value Coming dynamically .Normal API call working fine , ie

http://example.com:8280/api/test/v1/user  /200/content.json ,I am   
getting the results fine.Now I want to apply pagination. I am passing   
some query-params with this ,ie http://example.com:8280/api/test/v1/user

But 403 forbidden error coming .  
    <ams:message>No matching resource found in the API for the given 
    <ams:description>Access failure for API: /api/streams, version: v3 
     with key: b3672a32d5b152a979cc36cb4de7f9b</ams:description>

Why this happening ?.

Here is my api xml source code .   
<resource methods="OPTIONS POST GET"

How can I solve the Problem. Please suggest some solution


Issue here is your URL does not match with resource pattern. Check this post for a sample


Thanks to all for reply. I have got the answer for this. Give * at the end of resource i.e. /user/{userId}/content.json* at the time when you create the API. Then it will accecpt anything you give at the end of that (also for nothing).

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Lucky you had "/content.json" after the path parameter. The URL pattern "/user/{userId}*" will not work for URL /user/200 and /user/200?startIndex=0&count=1. Anyone from WSO2 want to share their comments? – Sripathi Acharya Jun 4 '15 at 13:31

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