Set xmlDoc = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT")
    xmlDoc.loadXML( "<response />" )

    Set node = xmlDoc.createElement("account")
    xmlDoc.documentElement.AppendChild node

    Set node = xmlDoc.createElement("type")
    node.Text = "TheType"
    xmlDoc.documentElement.AppendChild node

    Set node = Nothing

This creates an XML doc that looks like the following:


How do I append the "type" node as a child node to the "newaccount" node so that it looks like this:


Same way you're appending it to the document element now:

Set accountEl = xmlDoc.createElement("account")
xmlDoc.documentElement.AppendChild accountEl

Set typeEl = xmlDoc.createElement("type")
typeEl.Text = "TheType"
accountEl.AppendChild typeEl

accountEl = Nothing
typeEl = Nothing

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