I'm trying to create a line chart using the component <p:chart> of the Primefaces 5.1.

And I need the X axis displays the time. Something like this:

enter image description here

But only against documentation of the old version.

I found several things like:

But in version 5.1 there is no such tag <p:lineChart>, and not even the attribute extender="".

I created my chart based on the showcase:

But this example does not help much, because it is only working with date. And to complicate are as String. I need the hours.

I wonder if someone has already created something similar in the newer versions of Primefaces.


Searching a bit more, I found this topic:

I used the example mentioned it, and I could make it work.

What I could see, when it is a DateAxis is required to set the axis.setMax(). At the end looked like this:

enter image description here

It worked as I needed, but two things I did not understand:

First: The reason to be required to set the axis.setMax().

Second: What is this pattern used in axis.setTickFormat("%H:%#M:%S")?


Ok, I think now I found a acceptable solution.

The initial problem with the chart was axis.setMax().

And the pattern used in the axis.setTickFormat is:

Code    Result                  Description
            == Years ==
%Y      2008                Four-digit year
%y      08                  Two-digit year
            == Months ==
%m      09                  Two-digit month
%#m     9                   One or two-digit month
%B      September           Full month name
%b      Sep                 Abbreviated month name
            == Days ==
%d      05                  Two-digit day of month
%#d     5                   One or two-digit day of month
%e      5                   One or two-digit day of month
%A      Sunday              Full name of the day of the week
%a      Sun                 Abbreviated name of the day of the week
%w      0                   Number of the day of the week (0 = Sunday, 6 = Saturday)
%o      th                  The ordinal suffix string following the day of the month
            == Hours ==
%H      23                  Hours in 24-hour format (two digits)
%#H     3                   Hours in 24-hour integer format (one or two digits)
%I      11                  Hours in 12-hour format (two digits)
%#I     3                   Hours in 12-hour integer format (one or two digits)
%p      PM                  AM or PM
            == Minutes ==
%M      09                  Minutes (two digits)
%#M     9                   Minutes (one or two digits)
            == Seconds ==
%S      02                  Seconds (two digits)
%#S     2                   Seconds (one or two digits)
%s      1206567625723       Unix timestamp (Seconds past 1970-01-01 00:00:00)
            == Milliseconds ==
%N      008                 Milliseconds (three digits)
%#N     8                   Milliseconds (one to three digits)
            == Timezone ==
%O      360                 difference in minutes between local time and GMT
%Z      Mountain Standard Time  Name of timezone as reported by browser
%G      -06:00              Hours and minutes between GMT
            == Shortcuts ==
%F      2008-03-26          %Y-%m-%d
%T      05:06:30            %H:%M:%S
%X      05:06:30            %H:%M:%S
%x      03/26/08            %m/%d/%y
%D      03/26/08            %m/%d/%y
%#c     Wed Mar 26 15:31:00 2008  %a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Y
%v      3-Sep-2008          %e-%b-%Y
%R      15:31               %H:%M
%r      3:31:00 PM          %I:%M:%S %p
            == Characters ==
%n      \n                  Newline
%t      \t                  Tab
%%      %                   Percent Symbol

The model:

private void createDateModel() {
    dateModel = new LineChartModel();
    LineChartSeries series1 = new LineChartSeries();
    series1.setLabel("Series 1");
    series1.set("2014-01-01 00:10:50", 51);
    series1.set("2014-01-01 00:10:51", 22);
    series1.set("2014-01-01 00:10:52", 65);
    series1.set("2014-01-01 00:10:53", 35);
    DateAxis axis = new DateAxis("Dates");
    axis.setMax("2014-01-01 00:10:56");
    dateModel.getAxes().put(AxisType.X, axis);

And the chart:

<p:chart type="line" model="#{controller.dateModel}" />

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