I am wondering if it is possible to run Intellij's scala console process on a remote machine.

The Problem

I am developing a scala application on my local machine, but it needs to run on a remote machine.

What I am hoping for, is to launch the console process (that executes code) remotely and connect the console view/editor in IntelliJ to it - naturally with access to the local classes I am developing. I.e., this is a setup that is a little similar to launch an process remotely and then connecting the debugger.

A little background

The application (which builds on Spark) needs to talk a lot with servers that are on the same network as the remote machine. Running the console process on the remote machine will help a lot with port/hostname/proxy configurations. It will also improve performance, but that is secondary in this problem.

I have ssh access to the remote machine, so it is easy to setup proxies/ssh-tunnels.

Hope you can help :)


Why not just use the Terminal tab in IntelliJ, SSH to the machine, and use SBT from there? I do this all the time.

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