I've converted a data frame to a sparse matrix to avoid memory issues and save space, once the original data doesn't fit in the memory.

Now, I need to convert this sparse matrix to a realratingmatrix so I can build a recommender with recommenderlab, but i got the following error:

Error in as(aux_max, "realRatingMatrix") : 
  no method or default for coercing “dgCMatrix” to “realRatingMatrix”

My sample code is the following:

MovieID <-c(63155,63530,63544,63155,63545)
Rating <-c(2,2,1,2,1)

UIMatrix <- sparseMatrix(i = as.integer(as.factor(trainingData$UserID)),
                         j = as.integer(as.factor(trainingData$MovieID)),
                         x = trainingData$Rating

dimnames(UIMatrix) <- list(sort(unique(trainingData$UserID)),

rrm <- as(UIMatrix, "realRatingMatrix")

Can anyone give some advise on how to solve that?


Well, I think I got the answer. I coerced the "dgCMatrix" to "matrix" and then to "realratingmatrix". Seems to work fine.

rrm<- as(  as(UIMatrix, "matrix")   , "realRatingMatrix")
  • This solutions isn't comletly correct. In fact this method, coerces dgCMatrix to matrix and then to relratingmatrix, but fills the empty cells with "0" which is incorrect. – Nelson Feb 12 '15 at 17:42
  • Te solution is : datamat_2<-new("realRatingMatrix", data = datamat) . There is a link:inside-r.org/packages/cran/recommenderlab/docs/colSds – Nelson Feb 12 '15 at 17:43

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