I'm trying to email from Ruby on Rails v4.2 using their ApplicationMailer mechanism. Unfortunately, at least in the development environment console, the subclass of ApplicationMailer we created doesn't call the method we tried to invoke:

class RecurringScheduleNotifier < ApplicationMailer
  default from: 'notifications@example.com'
  def send_schedule_reminder(student)
    logger.debug('This never gets called :(')
    send_schedule_reminder_email(student, student.email).deliver
  def send_schedule_reminder_email(user, email)
    mail(to: email, subject: 'Test subject')

class Student < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.send_emails
    Student.all.each do |student|
      logger.debug('This does get called')
      logger.debug('This also get called')

If I run the mailer directly in the console it sends the email just fine:


All 3 logger messages are output as expected and the email is sent. However, if I call the Student class method from the console, this doesn't work:


I get no error messages, but only the 2 logger messages in the Student class are output. The logger message in RecurringScheduleNotifier is not output at all!

What am I missing? This is odd, since all Student.send_emails really does is call RecurringScheduleNotifier.send_schedule_reminder for each student (there is only 1 in my dev environment right now). And calling RecurringScheduleNotifier.send_schedule_reminder directly on that student works perfectly.


When you call a mailer method, the method returns an ActionMailer::MessageDelivery. you have to call deliver_now or deliver_later to send the email.

So in your case, inside your user model, calling...


...should do the trick.

I'm not sure about having two methods in your mailer though. You probably want to merge them into one. like:

def send_schedule_reminder(student)
  @student = student
  logger.debug('This never gets called :(')
  mail(to: student.email, subject: 'Test subject')
  • the deliver functions are clearly not the issue here though... as the first logger call never gets called. – at. Feb 11 '15 at 1:33
  • 1
    @Sander seems to be correct. I just encountered same problem. User defined methods of action mailer’s subclass are not called without trailing .deliver_now or .deliver_later call. Note that when you define your mailers’s methods, you define instance methods, but in your code you are calling class methods, so here some Rails magic is involved, kind of lazy evaluation. – Johann Mar 25 '15 at 17:24

To complement Johann's comment, the ActionMailer::Base class has this peculiar way to call all theirs instance methods as class methods here is the source code. What I don't know is why this and as long as I have seen only this class implements this "pattern" (¿?).

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