Is it the actual processor in which Celery is running or is it another process? In flower, I could see multiple processes in a worker pool? What are the differences between these two?


When you run a celery worker, it creates one parent process to manage the running tasks. This process handles the book keeping features like sending/receiving queue messages, registering tasks, killing hung tasks, tracking status, etc.

That process then spawns N number of child worker processes that actually execute the individual tasks. The number is determined by the -c argument when starting the worker: http://docs.celeryproject.org/en/latest/userguide/workers.html#concurrency

The child processes can be implemented using a number of strategies and is configured when starting the worker with the -P argument. Possible values include: prefork, eventlet, gevent, threads/solo.

  • I am facing one problem with regards to celery worker. Whenever I start the celery worker with django it calls the ready functions on my app which internally start some of the process which are suppose to start only when I start django server. – Adarsh Trivedi Jan 17 at 10:57

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