when I use "pushpin":

<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pushpin"></span>

It works fine. but when I want use "glyphicon-menu-right" it doesn't work:

<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-menu-right"></span>

Is there any solution?

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glyphicon glyphicon-pushpin is in 3.3.1 version which has the same version as glyphicon chevron-right that you should use, not glyphicon-menu-right since glyphicon-menu-right is in 3.3.2 version.

Not all old versions removed when updated, but some of them. when you find new glyphicon icon, you should see if the version is not against your current version.

The solution is: check your bootstrap version. If you use 3.3.2 version there will be no problem with that. I think you use 3.3.1 version. enter image description here

tutorial for 3.3.2 version where you find both glyphicons, see here

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