In CheckStyle there is a module (File Tab Character) that checks that there are not tab-characters in the source code. Their rationale is:

  • Developers should not need to configure the tab width of their text editors in order to be able to read source code.
  • From the Apache jakarta coding standards: In a distributed development environment, when the commit messages get sent to a mailing list, they are almost impossible to read if you use tabs.

To ensure there is the correct number of spaces, there is an additional module (Indentation).

I prefer using tabs for indentation and want to add this requirement to my CheckStyle-file. My rationale:

  • Developers should have the opportunity to configure the space used for indentation
  • Tabs are a logical and configurable unit for indentation, n spaces is just an arbitrary number of spaces.

Unfortunately I could not find a way to do this with CheckStyle.


There is no ready-made check which does this, but you can configure the RegexpSinglelineJava check accordingly. The following configuration goes into your checkstyle.xml under TreeWalker:

<module name="RegexpSinglelineJava">
    <property name="format" value="^\t* "/>
    <property name="message" value="Indent must use tab characters"/>
    <property name="ignoreComments" value="true"/>

It checks if there are spaces in the indent. Setting ignoreComments eliminates the problem that Javadoc comments often have at least one space before the asterisk.

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    Btw, if you want to check Javadoc indentation, too, you could use ^\t*(?! \*) (mind the space at the end!) as format regex and remove the ignoreComments property. Matter of taste. – barfuin Feb 17 '15 at 19:39

We can also configure RegexpSinglelineJava check with the below regular expression in the format field-

<property name="format" value="^[\t]*[" "]+([\t]*|[" "]+)[a-zA-Z0-9]"/>

This checks for all whitespaces before the first word

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