What is a widely accepted naming convention for .NET/C#/WPF projects?


Microsoft has an extensive MSDN article on naming conventions here.

  • +1. This is the conventions suggested by Microsoft which is implemented in the .NET class library. – SiLent SoNG May 17 '10 at 5:42
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    I'm sorry, but unless I forgot to read something, the article does not describe naming conventions for projects, only for assemblies and DLLs. EDIT: Ok, I just realized that the question itself is ambiguous, and could refer to either project files, or generally everything about a project, in which case your answer would be ok. – julealgon Aug 6 '14 at 19:24

Here are some useful links on this subject

.Net Naming Conventions and Programming Standards - Best Practices

Naming Conventions for .NET / C# Projects

Naming Conventions & Coding Standards for .NET

Goog Luck!


You can see Philips Healthcare - C# Coding Standard for C#

It look very good.

And of course Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries


Use the tools Microsoft FxCop and Microsoft StyleCop for validation.


Instead of listing potentially flammable conventions, I will just tell you that I follow whatever conventions FXCop suggests, with a couple of exceptions.


your best bet would be to

(a) look at a number of FOSS .net projects (b) read Framework Design Guidelines

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