In many of my applications I use the NPM package.json to manage my build tools. I've found that one of the modules probably has a bug. I'd like to debug it but I don't know how to debug the application in the context of the build task.

Specifically, in this case, I'm using Ember-cli. Ember-cli has a build command: ember build that builds the app using a bunch of modules defined in package.json such as ember-cli-compass-compiler.

I want to be able to add breakpoints or some sort of logging at certain points of the ember-cli-compass-compiler module that are triggered when the build runs so that I can inspect values.


Looks like according to https://github.com/ember-cli/ember-cli/blob/c8934ab0f2eb3aab03ce4557a36c317887245b95/lib/models/project.js as part of the build step is to look at the project's package.json and check for ember-cli-compass. After which, it would presumably use your project's local version of ember-cli-compass-compiler to execute some tasks. The simplest way to debug it is to use console.log() and log various points inside ember-cli-compass-compiler to see what code paths are being triggered.

The codebase for the compiler is very small, and you'd probably want to start with the index.js https://github.com/quaertym/ember-cli-compass-compiler/blob/master/index.js

  • Thanks @yazarubin... What about node-inspector? I tried using it like this: node-debug node_modules/ember-cli/bin/ember build and I added a debugger; in the index.js of ember-cli-compass-compiler. It pauses execution but it pauses it in module.js instead of the index.js... Not sure what that's all about. – EasyCo Feb 12 '15 at 7:26
  • Can't comment on node-inspecter, I've never used it. I've debugged countless modules and console.log is the only thing I've ever needed/used. – Yuri Zarubin Feb 12 '15 at 16:57

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