Can one install KVM on a Windows system where Windows will be the host operating system?

I have searched a lot but every answer is about how one can install Windows as guest on KVM.

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No, it does not install on a windows system, because it is a linux kernel module.


KVM is short for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. It's for Linux only. You can use the similar solution - HAXM. It's be supported by Windows 7 (32/64) or higher. You can get details from here: https://github.com/intel/haxm

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    Unfortunately HAXM does not work with Ryzen CPUs. Hyper-V is required. Jun 19, 2019 at 6:41

Google ported KVM to Windows. The name is misleading. http://github.com/google/Android-emulator-hypervisor-driver-for-amd-processors


There is a similar solution: qemu on windows, but it is said to be quite slow, since it actually emulates on user-level the whole guest machine. Check https://serverfault.com/questions/623294/how-to-speed-up-qemu-on-windows-host.

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You can run a linux VM on Windows, and then run most of the KVM toolchain inside it. But the core KVM depends having the Linux kernel running in baremetal. Without that, you're dependent on the qemu emulator, which should work in theory, albeit slowly. In practice, and maybe I didn't try hard enough, it didn't work for me.


For Windows, virtualbox is available.

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