I have made a header and a source but I don't know how to link them up. I looked it up on the web but the commands provided didn't work (or I wouldn't be here :) ).

To compile it (if you use GCC):


$ gcc -c whatever.h -o whatever.o


$ gcc -c sample.c -o sample.o

To link the files to create an executable file:

$ gcc sample.o whatever.o -o sample

What did I do wrong. I am using geany for writing (compile error is here) but the commands are executed on a terminal in the same directory. can anybody give me the build commands for geany so whenever I want to include a header I can just compile and run?

  • Why don't you use #include "header.h" in sample.c? – Sourav Ghosh Feb 12 '15 at 10:34
  • yes I included it – BRHSM Feb 12 '15 at 10:35
  • Then why you're compiling and linking it? :-) – Sourav Ghosh Feb 12 '15 at 10:35
  • @CoderGuy You're not supposed to compile headers in the first place. – Biffen Feb 12 '15 at 10:41
  • @biffen i got it from here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2831361/… – BRHSM Feb 12 '15 at 10:45
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Good and the right way would be to


#include "header.h"

and compile

gcc sample.c -o ob
  • How would that be in geany (Build and compile commands). that would be easyer – BRHSM Feb 12 '15 at 10:36
  • what does the f2.c and f1.c stand for? in geany build commands it's all like "%f" and stuff – BRHSM Feb 12 '15 at 10:43
  • @CoderGuy Let me not confuse you please include the header in .c file compile and run.. – Gopi Feb 12 '15 at 10:45
  • but the header is a .h file – BRHSM Feb 12 '15 at 10:45
  • 2
    @CoderGuy There you go!! Please use #include "header.h" .. Use double quotes instead of < > brackets – Gopi Feb 12 '15 at 14:50

Thumb Rule:

  • header files [.h] are for #includeing
  • source files [.c] are for compiling and linking together to create the executable.

Once you've #included your header file in a .c file, there's no need to compile the header file and produce an object file.

FYI, you can check the effect of #include-ing the header file by running

gcc -E sample.c

and hope you'll understand why you need not compile and link the header file separately.


if you have a sample.c and whatever.h, to produce and run the binary, simply do

  • #include "whatever.h" in the top of sample.c

  • gcc -o sample sample.c

  • ./sample

  • do you know the build commands for geany? – BRHSM Feb 12 '15 at 10:46
  • @CoderGuy Sorry, no. But how that is related to this? – Sourav Ghosh Feb 12 '15 at 10:47
  • that's what I am asking in the question... – BRHSM Feb 12 '15 at 10:52
  • @CoderGuy Your issue has nothing to do with the geany or anything. Kindly correct the actions, it'll work. :-) – Sourav Ghosh Feb 12 '15 at 10:54
  • @CoderGuy I've updated answer. Hope that helps. – Sourav Ghosh Feb 12 '15 at 10:58

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