All my websites are located in D:/Documents/websites directory. I already managed to point http://localhost/ to that folder based on this video tutorial.

But what I also want is whenever I click on "www directory" from the wampserver panel it opens up D:/Documents/websites directory instead of C:/wamp/www which is the default one.

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How do I achieve that? Thank you.

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First make a backup of \wamp\wampmanager.tpl as mistakes in here can make wampmanager unstartable.

Now edit \wamp\wampmanager.tpl using a decent editor and not notepad

Find this line, its line 138 approx.

Type: item; Caption: "${w_wwwDirectory}"; Action: shellexecute; FileName: "${wwwDir}"; Glyph: 2

Copy/Paste that line below itself and then change it to be something like this

Type: item; Caption: "My Sites"; Action: shellexecute; FileName: "d:/Documents/Websites"; Glyph: 2

Save the file.

Now either start WAMPServer or if it was actually already running refresh the menus by doing :-

rightclick on wampmanager icon -> refresh

You should now see your new menu.

If you want you could now go back and delete the original line that creates the www directory menu item.

  • Thank you, it works flawlessly! – Fahmi Feb 14 '15 at 22:35

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