I have this code in REBOL2:

port: open/direct tcp://localhost:8080
insert port request
result: copy port
close port

What would be equivalent in REBOL3?


REBOL3 networking is async by default, so the code in REBOL3 must look like:

client: open tcp://localhost:8080
client/awake: func [event /local port] [
    port: event/port
    switch event/type [
        lookup  [open port]
        connect [write port to-binary request]
        read [
           result: to-string port/data
           close port
           return true
        wrote [read event/port]
wait [client 30] ;the number is a timeout in seconds
close client 

Based on: http://www.rebol.net/wiki/TCP_Port_Examples

EDIT: above link does not exists anymore, but here is it transferred to GitHub's wiki: https://github.com/revault/rebol-wiki/wiki/TCP-Port-Examples

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