I need to process a Word document and change (the text of) a bookmark.

I exported my Word document to flat xml format to help establish the structure of the document - here is a fragment

<w:bookmarkStart w:id="0" w:name="CustomerName"/>
<w:r w:rsidRPr="001E4487">
        <w:rFonts w:ascii="MyTypeRegular" 
              w:cs="MyType V2 Regular"/>
        <w:szCs w:val="22"/>
<w:bookmarkEnd w:id="0"/>

The bit I need to change is <w:t>[CustomerName]</w:t> which should then become, for example <w:t>Some Punter</w:t>

so in my VBA i am hoping to be able to do something like this ...

  Dim bkm As Bookmark
  For Each bkm In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks
    bkm.Text = "Some Punter"
  Next bkm

only BookMark does not have a Text property

How do Access that little data item in the square Brackets?

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A word bookmark doesn't have a text property, but its range property does.

Use bkm.Range.Text = "Some Punter"

Note that once you change the text, the bookmark will be removed from the Word Document. In order to keep the bookmark you need to do:

    Dim bkm As Bookmark
    Dim bkmName As String
    Dim bkmRng As Range
    Dim NewText As String

    NewText = "Some Punter"

    For Each bkm In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks
        Set bkmRng = bkm.Range
        bkmName = bkm.Name
        bkm.Range.Text = NewText
        bkmRng.End = bkmRng.Start + Len(NewText)
        Bookmarks.Add(Name:=bkmName, Range:=bkmRng)
    Next bkm

Hope this helps.


I have a workaround for this that is not perfect but is less complicated: In place of the bookmark, use ActiveX text box and in place of cross-reference use ActiveX label. Then make change event (or LostFocus Event) for the text box: LabelName.Caption = TextboxName.Text. Formatting can be as desired. Alignment of text outside controls may be needed using Font> Advanced > Position > Raised. This may not be acceptable in all instances, but it often can be. Requires no update of field.

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