I'm using Blade templating engine (outside Laravel, installed with Composer).

I have a bunch of Blade templates that work fine, but PhpStorm marks them as full of errors:

enter image description here

Any idea what is wrong?

I have the Blade and Laravel integration plugins installed, just in case it could help - it did not.

  • AFAIK PhpStorm does not track variables (usage) between actual PHP code and Blade template. Plus, one of the ideas for using templates is to have code separated from presentation -- here you mix it all together. Anyway: I may only suggest to open a ticket on their Issue Tracker and provide code to reproduce (some simple project -- screenshot is not enough). – LazyOne Feb 13 '15 at 10:18
  • You're probably right with separating code from representation, is there some nicer way than stuffing it all in my "controller" class? – MightyPork Feb 13 '15 at 10:20

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