Is there a build-in possibility to create a null-safe mapping comparator in Java 8 without writing a own implementation of Comparator?

When running the following code, it causes a NPE because the keyExtractor argument of Comparator.comparing() may return a null value:

public class ToSort

    private String sortBy;

    public ToSort(String sortBy)
        this.sortBy = sortBy;

    public String getSortBy()
        return sortBy;

    public static void main(String[] args)
        // mapping comparator
        Comparator<ToSort> comp = Comparator.comparing(ToSort::getSortBy);                          
        SortedSet<ToSort> set = new TreeSet<>(comp);
        ToSort o1 = new ToSort("1");
        ToSort o2 = new ToSort(null);


        System.out.println(set.contains(o2)); //NPE because o2.getSortBy() == null


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.Comparator.lambda$comparing$77a9974f$1(Comparator.java:469) at java.util.Comparator$$Lambda$2/1480010240.compare(Unknown Source) at java.util.Comparators$NullComparator.compare(Comparators.java:83) at java.util.TreeMap.getEntryUsingComparator(TreeMap.java:376) at java.util.TreeMap.getEntry(TreeMap.java:345) at java.util.TreeMap.containsKey(TreeMap.java:232) at java.util.TreeSet.contains(TreeSet.java:234) at test.ToSort.main(ToSort.java:48)


Comparator<ToSort> comp = Comparator.nullsFirst(Comparator.comparing(ToSort::getSortBy));

does not work either as only ToSort objects that are null are treaded properly.

I know how to write my own Comparator implementation, I`m just searching a more "elegant" solution like


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Found a possible solution:

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    So the reason this solution works is because of the order of nesting of comparators. In your question the innermost comparator (and therefore the first to be executed) was ToSort::getSortBy and the nullsFirst was wrapped around it. In this answer the nullsFirst comparator is now executed first, providing safety before the null-returning getSortBy calls
    – Geert
    Commented Sep 29, 2020 at 14:48

Snippet for streams:


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