I am storing gps coordinates in Rails 4/Ruby 2.1 and am running into an odd issue. My migration has this:

t.decimal :latitude, precision: 9, scale: 6
t.decimal :longitude, precision: 9, scale: 6

This results in Rails using BigDecimals to store them. However they get corrupted with certain numbers:

2.1.5 :001 > p BigDecimal.new(-122.41146504878998,9)
 => #<BigDecimal:6f60da0,'-0.122E3',9(27)> 
2.1.5 :002 > p BigDecimal.new(-122.41146504878999,9)
 => #<BigDecimal:6f681b8,'-0.122411465E3',18(27)> 

The first example loses all precision for some reason, resulting in -122.000000 being stored in the db.

I am guessing this is because the intermediate representation is a float in both irb and perhaps in the json parser.

How do I avoid this? I am receiving this data in a json body, is the conversion from json where the precision is lost? Should I store/transmit these as strings?

  • What database are you using? What does the log show for the request params? What does your controller code look like? What do the values look like when you use inspect in the controller? – Jordan Running Feb 14 '15 at 0:07
  • There's not an answer yet, but stackoverflow.com/questions/28295583/… seems to be a similar issue – Frederick Cheung Feb 15 '15 at 19:12