Why doesn't this work ie assign each element in the array to 1?

         int []iA2 = new int[10];
         System.out.println(iA2[0]); //0
         for (int place:iA2){
         System.out.println(iA2[1]); // prints 0

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The values from iA2 are being assigned to variable place. You then modify the value of place. What you should do:

for (int i=0; i<iA2.length; i++)
    iA2[i] = 1;

Note that if you were dealing with objects such as an instance of a Vehicle class you could iterate and change instance variables.

for (Vehicle v: vehicles)
    v.speed = 10;

This works because v is being assigned a reference to an object unlike what happens in the case of primitive types such as int.

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