I need to check if an X session is up to return a value depending on that, so my application can decide to create windows.

In Gtk+2 there's gtk_init_check, which returns -1 if it can't connect to X session.

What is the equivalent for Qt?

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In complement of the other answer mentioning QGuiApplication, and assuming Linux + X11, you could in practice simply test that getenv("DISPLAY") returns a non-null string. You could also -and instead- use XOpenDisplay (followed by XCloseDisplay)

BTW, I don't know how Qt works on non X11 displays, i.e. Wayland or Mir.

  • :Thanks. My solution was to check DISPLAY env, but there's error once no display was present. Your solution about opening and closing display is what i was searching. I must write, that XOpenDisplay check DISPLAY variable present, when you pass NULL as first argument.
    – nintyfan
    Commented Feb 26, 2015 at 8:20

As far as I know, Qt does not work like that. You either

  1. create a QGuiApplication (or QApplication if you are using widgets), and then it connects and validates that your X session is working prior to QApplication's constructor returning, or
  2. create a QCoreApplication, and then you have no graphics available.

A QGuiApplication with default X subsystem (xcb) will issue an error QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display and issue SIGABRT from libqxcb. If you try to use different module, like offscreen using construct like,

your_application --platform offscreen

then the GUI application will start but you are no longer connected to X. If you wish to get X session info, look into X11Extras module,


Remember, if you are using QCoreApplication or not connected to X, this will return nullptr for X connection information since you are not connected to X server.

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