Is there any STL for segment tree?

In competitive programming it takes a lot of time to code for seg tree. I wonder if there is any STL for that so that lot of time could be saved.


I assume by "segment tree" you actually mean range tree, which is more commonly used in programming contests than the more specialized structure for storing a set of intervals.

There is no such container in the C++ standard library but if you are competing in ACM contests you can consider writing your own and simply copying it as needed. You can find my own implementation here (including lazy propagation) but if you search the web you can probably find a more generic version.

In applications where you need the sum instead of the minimum or maximum, you can use a binary indexed tree instead of a segment tree, which is faster, uses less memory, and is also easier to code (about a dozen lines or less).

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There is no STL in C++ for segment tree. However, you can check out the Boost Library called Interval Container Library (ICL) which should satisfy your requirements.

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