Here are the import modules that my script uses :

import datetime
from dateutil import parser
from tkinter import filedialog
import tkinter
import mailbox
import pprint
import json
import urllib.request
from tkinter import *

#my script code here

How can i convert it into a windows exe. Im using python 3.4. People have suggested cx_freeze however there is no documentation on it therefore have no idea how to use it? Py2exe worked on a test script with no imported modules, but when i tried to compile my script, it didnt work? If my script is called test.py, what would the cx_freeze command be to covnert it?


Try www.py2exe.org/

py2exe is a nice module that you may find useful.
Or, if you are in linux/mac then you might try freeze method try https://wiki.python.org/moin/Freeze


I highly suggest PyInstaller. I used to use it in order to create the exe file with multiple library files, then compress all these files into a self extracting archive, obtaining a fully working standalone exe file.

It doesn't require other scripts or code, you only have to create the file using "Makespec.py" and "Build.py".

If I'm not wrong, there is a new version compatible with Python 3.4...otherwise you could convert your script to Python 2.7.

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