I am using Maven with the Tycho plugin to build my OSGi bundles. In one of my bundles, I use the facebook API through the restfb-1.7.0.jar library.

For now, it is directly placed on the classpath (in Eclipse) and embedded in the effective OSGi bundle jar file with following build.properties configuration:

source.. = src/
output.. = bin/
bin.includes = META-INF/,\

Now I would like to have this restfb lib downloaded from Maven (e.g. as dependency) and embedded into my OSGi bundle jar. Is it possible with Maven/Tycho? How?


You need the following configuration to embed a JAR into an OSGi plugin with Tycho:

  1. In the pom.xml, configure the copy goal of the maven-dependency-plugin

  2. Edit the MANIFEST.MF to have the library added to the OSGi bundle classpath

    Bundle-ClassPath: ., lib/restfb.jar
  3. Edit the build.properties to have the library included in the JAR packaged by Tycho

    bin.includes = META-INF/,\

I think what you would want is to have a dependency in the POM with the compile time scope like the example below: use the correct artifact and version info to get the item you want. you should investigate the dependencies section of the maven ref for poms


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