May sound easy but I can't get it work...

$file = 'D:\TESTING.csv'

Set-Content $file "1,2,3"

$file = import-csv $file -Header a , b , c | export-csv $file 

echo $file

Desired output:

a b c
- - -
1 2 3

actual output:


It's this line:

$file = import-csv $file -Header a , b , c | export-csv $file

You're piping the data into the export-csv cmdlet. There is no output from that command, so $file would be null. Also $file contains the path of your output. Why would you change it to be file content?

Assuming that you want to both export the data and keep it in the session, you could just do something like this instead:

$filedata = import-csv $file -Header a , b , c  
$filedata | export-csv $file -NoTypeInformation

You could also do it in one line with Tee-Object

Import-CSV $file -Header a , b , c | Tee-Object -Variable $filedata | Export-CSV $file -NoTypeInformation

This should work:

import-csv test.csv -Header "Name" | export-csv test.csv -NoTypeInformation

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