I want to print value 5 on the ss page.


How to fetch url data in silverstripe? Any help is accepeted.

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In your controller that your Silverstripe template is for, you can retrieve "GET" (aka. query string) by returning the result of $this->getRequest()->getVar('a') in a function on your controller.

It is good practice to use $this->getRequest()->getVar('a') over $_GET['a'] as SilverStripe will automatically sanitise the string.

When your code is not in the controller (so you can't make use of $this->getRequest()), you can request the current controller by using Controller::curr() which will make the complete call for getting a single var:


If you want to get all "GET" variables, just call getVars() instead..

Also, you can access "POST" variables in a similar calling postVar('a') or postVars() instead. If you want to get the value from both "POST" or "GET", you can call requestVar('a') or requestVars().

Anyway, here is a basic mock-up of a controller using a function on the controller that is accessible in the template.


class TestPage_Controller extends Page_Controller
    public function init()

    public function MySpecialProperty()
        return $this->getRequest()->getVar('a');


<p> $MySpecialProperty </p>

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