As the title suggest, then I am trying to set a fixed bit rate on my dongle. I am using a TP-Link wifi dongle model TL-WN722N. However, when I give the command: iwconfig wlanX rate 2M fixed iget the following response: Error for wireless request "Set Bit Rate" (8B20). But if i give it as sudo, then i dont get this error but running iwconfig reveals that it is not set.

My question is do any one have some experience in setting a fixed data rate on their wifi dongle ? ... if yes what kind of dongle are you using ... and also what command (if it is not iwconfig rate)

thx in advance

You should run this command with Sudo as you did.

The command will take, but the driver will not listen to this for the WN722N.

I am sure if you try this with your built in adapter or any other adapter if present; you will see that your command works.

I have personally tested this right now with the WN722N on Ubuntu v14 and I'm getting the same error.

Also, iw may give you more control for setting bitrate:

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