I am trying out Laravel and after installation I get the following when attempting to start a new application:

using code: laravel new blog

I get:

PHP Warning:  file_put_contents(/var/www/html/laravel_d4381b5ce250405766ef8b9fa784b256.zip): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/ren/.composer/vendor/laravel/installer/src/NewCommand.php on line 81
PHP Warning:  ZipArchive::extractTo(): Permission denied in /home/ren/.composer/vendor/laravel/installer/src/NewCommand.php on line 99
PHP Warning:  ZipArchive::close(): Invalid or unitialized Zip object in /home/ren/.composer/vendor/laravel/installer/src/NewCommand.php on line 101
Application ready! Build something amazing.
  • Does your user have permission to write to /var/www/html? Feb 17, 2015 at 23:40

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It seems the user you're running the command with, doesn't have the necessary permissions to write to /var/www/html/. Try changing the permissions or owner of that directory. Try:

sudo chown $USER /var/www/html

The $USER variable contains the logged in username (in your case ren), so it will make your user the owner of that directory. Then run the installation command:

laravel new blog

As a noob, it took me a few good painstakingly hours to figure this out. As far as my understanding goes, you'll need to initiate the new project with laravel new <project> in a 777 directory. So you'd go like:

 ### make directory and grant full permissions
 sudo mkdir /var/www/laravel
 sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/laravel/
 cd /var/www/laravel/

 ### run laravel installer
 laravel new web-project

 ### move your project in www root
 sudo mv web-project /var/www/

The last bit where you move the directory is optional and you may leave it there or move it to anywhere your vhost might be set up.

Personal note: I was actually hoping setting up a new Laravel app to be easier than this. I'm confident however it will get easier with practice :)

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