I have 2 servers that are on completely separate OS' and configurations. One properly accepts require_once '../file.php'; and the other doesn't, because it's relative to where the cron is loading I guess.

How can I fix the 2nd location so that it's relative path is from the relative path of the file. I need this to work in 3 different environments (local, beta, and live) so I don't want to write a bunch of code on this page, I'd prefer a configuration adjustment if possible.


__FILE__ will specify the full file path of the current script.

realpath() translates paths with relative components into absolute paths.

This should work:

require_once (realpath(dirname(__FILE__)."/../file.php"));

Chane the working directory to the running file path. Just use


include_once '../your_file_name.php'; //we can use relative path after changing directory

in the running file. Then you no need alter every relative path to absolute one in all pages. This works fine for me.

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