Basically I used multi-list in rendering parameter for an category selection. so i got pipe separated GUIDs of selected item & needs to get a collection of items, is there any method supported by Sitecore api instead of iterating in loop. that could be expensive in terms of efficiency as compare to any built-in Sitecore method.

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There is a MultilistField class in Sitecore.Data.Fields, used as follows

var mlf = new MultilistField(item.Fields["field name"]).

I don't think it's any more efficient than what you're already doing though. In fact, it probably does just the same internally.


Another way, avoiding a potential ArgumentNullException (in the case of item.Fields["field name"] being null) is to use Sitecore.Data.ID.ParseArray in combination with a linq statement to get a list of items as follows:

var items = ID.ParseArray(item["field name"])
               .Select(id => item.Database.GetItem(id)).ToList();
  • Good point. In fact, this is the way I prefer to do it, and rarely use MultilistField. I was just giving the official answer :) Commented Feb 18, 2015 at 13:49

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