I want to generate a specific range of IP from to

How can I do that job in Microsoft Excel?

I used these formulas, but not work for all range of IP address:

Excel IP Addresses Increment the Third Octet
Excel IP Addresses Increment the Fourth Octet
  • You should be able to do so using 3 loops. First loop: run the fourth octet from 0 to 255 - Second loop: once the fourth octet reaches 255, reset the variable for the fourth octet to 0 and add 1 to the variable for the third octet - Third loop: when your variable for the third octet reaches 255, exit the loop. Structure being third loop>second loop>first loop
    – CustomX
    Feb 18, 2015 at 7:49

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Your starting IP address is That is 0A010101 IN HEX. Put that in a cell, let's say A2. Put this formula in B2,

=HEX2DEC(LEFT(A2, 2))&"."&HEX2DEC(MID(A2, 3, 2))&"."&HEX2DEC(MID(A2, 5, 2))&"."&HEX2DEC(RIGHT(A2, 2))

Now put this formula in A3,

=DEC2HEX(HEX2DEC(A2)+1, 8)

Copy the formula from B2 to B3 then fill A3:B3 down as far as you want.

    IP Addresses

  • Btw, is C0A50100.
    – user4039065
    Feb 18, 2015 at 8:38

here's an elementary solution

in A1 put 1000 for starting at 1.0 or 0 for srating at 0.0

in A2 put =A1+IF(MOD(A1,1000)<255,1,745)

in B1 put ="192.168." & QUOTIENT(A1,1000) & "." & MOD(A1,1000) (of course the "192.168." part is your first two octet, modify it to taste)

copy the formula from B1 to B2 then fill A2:B2 down and voilà.

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