I'm looking for a way to get all rows as INSERT statements from one specific table within a database using pg_dump in PostgreSQL.

E.g., I have table A and all rows in table A I need as INSERT statements, it should also dump those statements to a file.

Is this possible?

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if version < 8.4.0

pg_dump -D -t <table> <database>

Add -a before the -t if you only want the INSERTs, without the CREATE TABLE etc to set up the table in the first place.

version >= 8.4.0

pg_dump --column-inserts --data-only --table=<table> <database>
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    The -d and -D options were removed from PostgreSQL 8.4 (see 8.4.0 release notes). You must now use the "long" names: pg_dump --column-inserts --data-only --table=<table> <database> May 18, 2010 at 14:49
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    The -d, -a, and -t short versions are still present, though. Checked with PG11.
    – demisx
    Aug 23, 2019 at 15:47
  • --inserts is another option; it restores slightly faster but can't tolerate column order changes
    – Andy
    Mar 29, 2020 at 5:46
  • You can check postgres version by running the query SELECT version();
    – Tms91
    Feb 10 at 9:49

If you want to DUMP your inserts into an .sql file:

  1. cd to the location which you want to .sql file to be located
  2. pg_dump --column-inserts --data-only --table=<table> <database> > my_dump.sql

Note the > my_dump.sql command. This will put everything into a sql file named my_dump


just in case you are using a remote access and want to dump all database data, you can use:

pg_dump -a -h your_host -U your_user -W -Fc your_database > DATA.dump

it will create a dump with all database data and use

pg_restore -a -h your_host -U your_user -W -Fc your_database < DATA.dump

to insert the same data in your data base considering you have the same structure


Put into a script I like something like that:

set -o xtrace # remove me after debug

LOCATION="${BASE_DIR}/myApp_$(date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S)"

# Create backups directory if not exists
if [[ ! -e $BASE_DIR ]];then
       mkdir $BASE_DIR
       chown -R postgres:postgres $BASE_DIR

sudo -H -u postgres pg_dump --column-inserts --data-only --table=$TABLE $DB_NAME > $FNAME
sudo gzip $FNAME

for postgres 12, this worked for me:

pg_dump -d <database> -t <table> > DATA.dump

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