I was looking at the Deviantart API to see what you can do with it .

A lot of requests require you to provide a deviation id to work with. Take for instance adding a deviation to favorites ( in Collections -> Add deviation to favorites above, I cannot post more than 2 links... )

Now I looked through the API to figure out how to obtain that id, but I did not find out how to do so.

If I only have the deviation URL, for instance http://kennyklent.deviantart.com/art/Pinkie-Pie-Dancing-296143815 , how can I tell its deviation-id? It is not the number at the end 296143815, I would've thought so, but it's not.

If it helps, here's one example from the api's /browse/dailydeviations endpoint

"deviationid": "27FD366A-30CB-FC3E-DE54-9621E90FCE60",
"printid": "E984FC87-8B57-239C-FE7C-E2674A0DDFC4",
"url": "http://mudimba.deviantart.com/art/SF-Botanical-Gardens-57879397",

So this deviation SF-Botanical-Gardens-57879397 has the id 27FD366A-30CB-FC3E-DE54-9621E90FCE60 - but how would I find out if it wasn't listed in the examples?

  • The number at the end IS the deviation id, as a matter of fact. Also, +1 for the dancing pinkie. :) – DRS David Soft Nov 12 '15 at 23:29
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Update 06/2017:

For anyone stumbling across this 2 years later, the answer below still works but there is now another way to get the UUID. Every Deviation now has a meta property da:appurl showing the UUID value on the deviation page itself.

To stay with the SF-Botanical-Gardens-57879397 example from above, looking at the page source at http://mudimba.deviantart.com/art/SF-Botanical-Gardens-57879397 reveals:

<meta property="da:appurl" content="DeviantArt://deviation/27FD366A-30CB-FC3E-DE54-9621E90FCE60">

Which contains exactly the UUID value 27FD366A-30CB-FC3E-DE54-9621E90FCE60

Original answer

I got an answer from a Deviantart dev directly, http://comments.deviantart.com/1/492518964/3755610860

You cannot convert integer IDs into UUID format, you have to query the api to find the correct uuid. So for your example, you would query the /gallery/folders endpoint and then the gallery/{folderid} endpoint to get the list of deviations in that folder.

There's no easier way to obtain the UUID for a given URL for now.

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