What I am trying to do is:

I have a Asp Mvc website. In it I need to create a function that does the following:

  • converts a .dwg (AutoCad) file to a .pdf file
  • converts a .dwg file to a .dwf file

I started with the, what I tought at the time, easier task to have the .dwg to a .pdf. After some research I found out that a way to do that (without buying a 3rd party license) is to install TrueView on the server and using it (or actually a AcCtrl.dll) to convert the file. Well, I did so. I installed the True View program and added a reference to AcCtrl Component (ACCTRLLib). Then I added a reference to the Dll inside the class file I am working on:

using ACCTRLLib;

So far so good. After that I followed the instructions on this post: PDF conversion using dwg true viewer in VB6

First, this is my code:

public static void ConvertFile()
    IAcCtrl contrl = new AcCtrl();
    string[] pdfPath = new string[1] { @"D:\MMA\Autocat\File1.dwg" };

Then, according to the post, I went to see if there is a registry with the specified path. The path that I have as a registry is the following:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\DWG TrueView\R13\DWGVIEWR-E001:409\Profiles\<<\Unnamed Profile>>\Dialogs\AcPublishDlg

So, I created a 'String Value' in it with ValueName: Location and ValueData: D:\MMA\Autocat\Testing

Alright. So, thats it. After all that I ran the application and called the function. The debugger goes through the code and everything executes (or at least looks like so) but nothing happens. I don't get a file in the D:\MMA\Autocat\Testing folder. I get no exception, no warning nothing. It just executes and nothing happens.

So what else did I tried. Some of those things might be a little naive or silly to try but nevertheless I did as I happen to be a little desperate.

  1. I tried everything in a console application. I wasnt completely sure that this method is suitable for ASP MVC so I tried the same code with a console application unfortunatelly to the same result.

  2. I added a file name inside the location string value. I changed the Location ValueData from 'D:\MMA\Autocat\Testing' to 'D:\MMA\Autocat\Testing\testFile.pdf' as I noticed that nowhere in the whole process a file name is asked for the converted file.

  3. Following my thought from the previous conclusion I tried to supply the path to the 'result' file to the SilentPublish function.

    string[] pdfPath = new string[1] { @"D:\MMA\Autocat\Testing\testFile.pdf" }; contrl.SilentPublish(pdfPath);

Again to no avail. So, my question, or rather questions are:

Is it possible to do it this way and if it is what am I doing wrong? If its not than can you suggest a way? Also if a .dwg to .dwf conversion is possible (with the same or different method I am all ears)

Thank you very much


True View does not expose the Autodesk.AutoCAD.PlottingServices namespace. You're going to need either a licensed copy of AutoCAD, RealDWG, or another third party API.


I'm not sure if you are still having this issue, but you should be able to do this with the Autodesk Forge API. Calls can be made from any language with a simple HTTP call. You will have to first convert to SVF and then to DXF and PDF from there.

  • This really is more of a comment. Can you add more details and examples? Mar 29 '18 at 17:28

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