I run a portail with composer's autoloading class system:

"autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
        "Portal\\": "src/"

It works when I run composer.phar dump -o, for instance my class Boostrap is well referenced into vendor/composer/autoload_classmap.php file:

'Portal\\Core\\Bootstrap' => $baseDir . '/src/core/Bootstrap.php',

But when I don't run the optimized option on autoload dumping, the autoloading system doesn't works anymore:

Fatal error: Class 'Portal\Core\Bootstrap' not found in /var/www/portail/prod/web/index.php on line 7

How can I make autoloading works without -o option?


There are two ways to fix it.

  1. change composer.json to

    "Portal\\Core\\": "src/core/"
  2. Or rename the core directory to Core


The subdirectory name MUST match the case of the sub-namespace names.


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