How I can use if/else conditions inside the email template in SugarCRM? I am trying use conditions equal pdf template and smarty template but I have no success.

No success

<?php if ({::past::Opportunities::name::} != {::future::Opportunities::name::}){ ?>

No success

{if {::past::Opportunities::name::} neq {::future::Opportunities::name::}}

no success

<!-- {if {::past::Opportunities::name::} neq {::future::Opportunities::name::}} -->

Any success (?)



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It seems, that official SugarCRM docs don't provide any information about using if/else conditions in email templates. I didn't believed them, so i dug into SugarCRM code.


Sending e-mail is done in EmailMan class in method sendEmail:

$template_data = $this->current_emailtemplate
                        'subject' => $this->current_emailtemplate->subject,
                        'body_html' => $this->current_emailtemplate->body_html,
                        'body' => $this->current_emailtemplate->body,
                    , $focus_name, $module
                    , $macro_nv);

It uses parse_email_template method from class EmailTemplate. It's not so well-written, as i was thinking. And it's only providing basic variable replacing. Let's look at it a little closer:

function parse_email_template($template_text_array, $focus_name, $focus, &$macro_nv)
        [...] //variable initiation
        //preparing prefixes to search for variables (all variables are in "$some_name" format
        $pattern_prefix = '$' . strtolower($beanList[$focus_name]) . '_';
        $pattern_prefix_length = strlen($pattern_prefix);
        $pattern = '/\\' . $pattern_prefix . '[A-Za-z_0-9]*/';

        foreach ($template_text_array as $key => $template_text) {
            [...] //searching for variables matching $pattern and replacing them with proper values

            $return_array[$key] = $template_text;

        return $return_array;


What i can say more - SugarCRM at this point doesn't provide any conditions nor smarty or other template engine. You can try to modify their code to implement it, but i wouldn't recommend that as it is a litlle spaghetti ;)


handlebarsjs may help?

{{#if yourcondition}} action {{else}} action{{/if}}
  • In monday I will try your solution :) Feb 28, 2015 at 1:05
  • @mg33dev - i dug up in code, i'm afraid that's not handlebars either. It's some "let's-preg-match-everything" attempt :( Mar 1, 2015 at 12:00

Try this and see how you go:

{if $fieldname!="value"}sometext {$fieldname} {/if}

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