Task: to simulate a poor network connection on iOS devices with possibility of changing simulation settings programmatically based on a particular schedule.

This is what I came up with so far:

Solution #1: mac computer, which is turned into a WiFi hotspot, with enabled Network Link Conditioner. iOS devices connect to this hot spot.


  • managing Network Link Conditioner tool running on mac is easier, especially when you have 20-30 iOS devices under the test.

  • it is not critical for test if you have very limited number of iOS devices.


  • No obvious ways to automate scheduling different settings in Network Link Conditioner.

As an alternative to Network Link Conditioner, some people mentioned to play around with ipfw rules. Even though ipfw was removed from 10.10, it is still an option for previous versions of OS X.


Solution #2: multiple iOS devices with their instances of Network Link Conditioner with different settings.


  • no need to use a dedicated mac computer as a WiFi hotspot.


  • No obvious ways to programmatically manipulate Network Conditioner Settings in iOS.

  • very tedious procedure of changing Network Link Conditioner settings on each iOS device.


Any other suggestions? Like making a WiFi hotspot on windows platform?

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