Given the following page structure in Kentico v7:

  • Root
    • Alpha
      • One
        • Search
      • Two
    • Bravo
      • One
        • Search
      • Two
    • Charlie
    • Delta
    • Echo

Pages Alpha and Bravo (and their children) share the same template. On that template is a search box web part. I would like to set the search results URL to be either:

/Alpha/One/Search/ or /Bravo/One/Search depending under which node the control is rendered. It seems that the only way I can realistically accomplish this is via a macro in the search box web part's properties.

Question: How would you write a macro to dynamically set this property based on it's parent path?

Here is what I currently have but it doesn't seem to work:

/{%Split(CurrentPageInfo.DocumentURLPath, '/')[0]#%}/one/search

Using macros is a correct approach in this case.

Try the following one (V7):

~/{% CurrentDocument.NodeAliasPath.Split("/")[1]#%}/one/search


~/{% Split(CurrentDocument.NodeAliasPath, "/", true)[0]#%}/one/search
  • gracias amigo that is the syntax I was struggling to find. – Charles Wesley Feb 20 '15 at 16:37

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