I'm trying to run CasperJS having PhantomJS#2.0.0 on a Mac(Yosemite). When trying to run CasperJS I´m getting the following message:

"CasperJS needs PhantomJS v1.x

  /usr/local/Cellar/casperjs/1.1-beta3/libexec/bin/bootstrap.js:91 in __die"

How can I make it run? Has anyone got it working?


Currently there is no newer version than 1.1-beta3 released which contains this check.

The simplest fix would be to open the bin/bootstrap.js file and remove these lines or replacing the lines that are currently in the master branch:

(function (version) {
    // required version check
    if (version.major === 1) {
        if (version.minor < 8) {
            return __die('CasperJS needs at least PhantomJS v1.8 or later.');
        if (version.minor === 8 && version.patch < 1) {
            return __die('CasperJS needs at least PhantomJS v1.8.1 or later.');
    } else if (version.major === 2) {
        console.log("Warning PhantomJS v2.0 not yet released. There will not be any official support for any bugs until stable version is released!");
    else return __die('CasperJS needs PhantomJS v1.x or v2.x');

The other option would be to install CasperJS from git.

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    Installing from git did the job. Thank you. – kitimenpolku Feb 22 '15 at 14:55

Modifying /usr/local/Cellar/casperjs/1.1-beta3/libexec/bin/bootstrap.js does not work for me. I tried but some other problems remain (Could not get casperPath and version correctly).

This issue is already fixed in master branch. Installing from git would solve this problem.


> git clone git://github.com/n1k0/casperjs.git
> cd casperjs
> ln -sf `pwd`/bin/casperjs /usr/local/bin/casperjs

It fix my casperjs perfectly.

  • To replace binary with 1.9.x is not a option for me. I suffered from a selector bug in phantomjs 1.9.x. And that bug is not appeared in phantomjs 2.0. – PG_ Mar 7 '15 at 8:37
  • lost hours trying to figure it out. thanks – Claudiu Creanga Sep 17 '15 at 22:17

I was having the same problem. Replacing the phantomJS executable in /usr/local/bin with that from version 1.9.8 did the trick for me.

  • You can even use homebrew for that. Just brew install homebrew/versions/phantomjs198 and you're done. – Michael Apr 24 '15 at 17:30

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