My unit of work is basically set up as this tutorial, with minor additions:


I want to know how to do a join on two tables. I tried adding this to GenericRepository, but as you may guess my Linq knowledge is dubious.

public virtual IQueryable AsQueryable()
            IQueryable<TEntity> query = dbSet;
            return query;

And then doing

// uow is defined as new UnitOfWork() on class instantiation
var data = from x in uow.MyRepository.AsQueryable() 
           join y in uow.MyOtherRepository.AsQueryable() 
           on x.prop1 equals y.prop2

But it wont let me access properties within my table. I basically need a way of returning the table as a queriable entity (I think)

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  • I personally wouldn't bother with UoW and Repo pattern, you want to focus on using the best stuff DbContext makes available to you. – Callum Linington Feb 22 '15 at 16:11

Ironically I worked it out straight after posting. Result, for those who find the same issue:

var entity1 = uow.repo1.Get();
var entity2 = uow.repo2.Get();
var res = (from x in entity1 
          join y in entity2 
          on x.propToJoin equals y.propToJoin 
          select new 
              test = x.propertyToGrab
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  • You can skip storing in var as well – Ehsan Sajjad Feb 22 '15 at 16:13

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