Is there a command in Julia that lists all the methods that are available in a package?

For example I load up Distributions

using Distributions

and now I would like to see what function to call to draw a random value from a normal distribution. Is there a good way to do this from inside of Julia without a google search?


Sort of, although I don't think its of much utility:

julia> using Distributions

julia> names(Distributions)
215-element Array{Symbol,1}:

or non-programmatically, using

julia> whos(Distributions)
AbstractMixtureModel          DataType
AbstractMvNormal              DataType
Arcsine                       DataType
Bernoulli                     DataType
Beta                          DataType
BetaPrime                     DataType
Binomial                      DataType

I think that with the inclusion of an inbuilt documentation system in Julia 0.4, we'll get way more packages with docs available at the REPL.

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